Simplify your messaging – voice, fax, and email
Add a professional answering service to your business
Promote one number for your business phone number, fax number, and email address
No Contracts to hassle with

Virtual Office
  Get your voicemail, email, and faxes all in one place.
Personal Assistant
  Never miss messages, your virtual attendant screens and handles all your calls.
Broadcast Messages
  Define personal distribution lists, then just create messages and send them to everyone on your list.

Personal Toll-Free Number
“Find Me” Call Routing
   for up to 9 phone numbers
Call Forwarding
Call Screening
Caller ID Capture on All Calls
Enhanced Voicemail
Reply to In-System Messages
Listen/Reply by Phone
Inbound/Outbound Fax
Send Broadcast Messages
Web Conferencing

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National Companies
Team National Welcomes You!
Here's A Great Communications Tool from GoSolo!
Team National, along with GoSolo, is proud to offer you a professional communications tool for your small office or home-based business. Simplify your day by providing a personal toll-free number service with a virtual office to receive all your messages (email, fax, and voicemail), plus a professional 24-hour answering service, so you’ll never miss an important call.

  Your Price
 $15.95               /month
$15.00 Activation Fee Waived
On Online Signups
VIRTUAL OFFICE SOLUTION built around one toll-free number and a personal virtual assistant. Utilizing natural speech or touch tones, your assistant will receive and screen your calls, take messages, accept e-mails and faxes, read your e-mails over the phone, allow you to respond to e-mails and voice messages by phone, forward faxes by email as well as place calls to anyone on your contact list! All on a 24x7 basis! If you're a business builder what you'll really appreciate is broadcast messaging with no limits on how many lists or how many members on your list - create and send messages to all of your teammates and leverage your time like never before.

GoOffice Features:
- Personal Toll-Free Number
- Virtual Office Unified Inbox (voicemail/email/fax)
- Enhanced Voicemail
- Find Me / Follow Me
- Online Address Book
- Broadcast Tool - Send group messages
- Inbound Fax - 6.9¢ per min
- Outbound Fax - 15¢ per page
- Audio Conferencing 6.9¢ per min/line
- Calling Rate - 6.9¢ per min
- Unlimited Inbound Calling Add-On - Only $10
- Unlimited Outbound Calling Add-On - Only $40

  Your Price
 $8.95               /month
$15.00 Activation Fee Waived
On Online Signups
Add the professionalism of a TOLL-FREE NUMBER SERVICE to your business. Personalized welcome greeting. Call routing in prioritized sequence to nine telephone destinations (e.g. office, cell, home, other). Call screening allows you to take the call or send to voice mail (also included). Easy Web and phone access to your voice mail box to listen and respond to voice messages. Be anywhere, anytime, and never miss an important call again.

Go800 Features:
- Personal Toll-Free Number
- Professional Answering Service
- Enhanced Voicemail
- Find Me - Ring up to 9 numbers
- Call Screening
- Call Forwarding
- Call Blast
- Calling Rate - 6.9¢ per min
- Unlimited Inbound Calling Add-On - Only $10

  Your Price
 $4.95               /month
Message Center
$2.00 Activation Fee Waived
On Online Signups
Stay in touch 24 x 7! News, events, promotions, contests and much more! MESSAGE CENTER allows you to recieve voicemail messages from your Leadership and other Team National members via your own personal online inbox. Hear first hand about the success and growth within your organization. Message Center ensures you and your associates have Team National up-to-date information to stay on top!

- Voicemail Inbox
- GoSolo Email Address
- Address Book / Contact Manager

Give your Team National business a professional appearance and reduce the amount of phone numbers you promote to one number that replaces your existing business phone number, fax number, and email address. When you're on the go, use our Web-based virtual office message center to check your messages, you can have your faxes forwarded, and you can listen to your voice AND email messages. Program your service to find you on the fly...anywhere, anytime and at your convenience. Our speech recognition system makes it even easier to manage your daily business schedule. Add the power, flexibility, and function of our conferencing applications to communicate in a professional setting with employees, clients, and customers, without the large monthly costs. GoSolo provides you with all the tools you need to run your business at peak performance.


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